F5 Webinar: Managing the Multi-Cloud Maze

23/01/18 11:00 – 23/01/18 12:00

F5: Multi Cloud Maze

Managing the Multi-Cloud Maze  

5 key principles for success   

85% of organisations are committed to a multi-cloud architecture. Every additional cloud brings increased operational complexity, a new set of interfaces, and another potential security loophole to worry about.

Nullify these challenges and succeed in a multi-cloud world by providing the key principles, solutions, technologies, and tools to deliver services consistently, efficiently, and securely across all your clouds.

 Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 | 11am - 12pm GMT



Topics to be covered:

  • 5 key principles including abstraction, standardisation, and automation ‒ the new imperatives for network operations
  • How planning for a multi-cloud architecture will help you avoid the pitfalls of disparate environments across multiple cloud providers
  • How to address additional risk, such as DDoS and bot attacks
  • Common use cases that will give you the confidence to deploy your cloud apps in a fast, controlled, and more secure manner

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