END USER F5 Webinar: Are your applications protected?

28/02/18 10:00 – 28/02/18 10:45 WebEx

Location :WebEx

Learn from the experts about the latest cyber threats and how to protect yourself


The threats against applications and data are continually evolving and becoming more sophisticated. In terms of financial, reputational, and operational effects, these threats cannot be ignored.

Join us for this webinar to discover what threat landscape your applications face, the costs and implications of application attacks, and the need for effective, up to date web application security.

Please note that you MUST be an end user to register for this webinar.

Wednesday 28th February 10:00am - 10:45am


  • The evolution of the application
  • Understanding motivations of cybercriminals
  • Network threats vs Application threats
  • Full proxy security
  • Application security
  • F5 Web Application Firewall (WAF)

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What is WAF?

Gartner characterises WAF as "driven by a customer's need to protect public and internal web applications when they are deployed locally (on-premise) or remotely (hosted, cloud-based or as a service.)

WAFs protect web applications and APIs against a variety of attacks, notably including injection attacks and application-layer denial of service (DoS.) They should not only provide signature-based protection, but should also support positive security models and/or anomaly detection."


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