MYDIGIPASS: Step By Step Process

MyDigiPass Signup

At Westcon we are concerned about your online Data Privacy - We know that static passwords are not secure enough to protect confidential content. That's why we are offering you the ability to protect your Westcon Partner Access with MyDigipass™ - VASCO's cloud based strong authentication service.


How to proceed:


  1. Download the app which will allow you to generate your One Time Password (OTP) and sign up for
  2. Choose the device you want to use:
    • Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch : Go to iTunes store and install "MYDIGIPASS.COM"
    • Android Smartphone or Tablet: Go to your Google Play and install "MYDIGIPASS.COM"
    • Blackberry or Java smartphone: Get the download link by text message:
  3. Once MyDigiPass is installed, you will be asked:
    • To create a PIN code to protect and access your MyDigiPass application
    • To create an account
  4. You are ready to log in!


Use your MyDigiPass application to generate your One Time Password (OTP)